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About Us

Captivating narratives.
Fantastical possibilities. 
Spinning Top Pictures aims to create emotionally fulfilling narratives, whether they are in a world with fantastical possibilities or are simply about the mysteries that surround the human condition. 
We are an independent film production company located in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Douglas Gibbens (Director, Screenwriter, Producer) and Konstantina Mantelos (Actor, Screenwriter,  Producer), the company is currently in pre- and post-production on several projects.

Meet The Team

Who We Are


Douglas Gibbens

  • IMDB

Douglas Gibbens is an award-winning, independent Canadian filmmaker. He has directed short films that have screened at the Foyle Film Festival, LA Film Festival, Pendance, and more. 


For Douglas, film is a means of taking that which exists in our imagination and using it to understand, empathize, and reflect on the world in which we live. His focus is on narrative filmmaking and he uses elements of fantasy, science fiction and horror to parallel that which is hard to confront in our real lives. 


Konstantina Mantelos

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Konstantina Mantelos is a Greek-Canadian actress and filmmaker. In 2020, she made a splash on the Canadian horror scene as the expectant-mother-kidnapped-by-satanists, Shannon Becker, in Shudder's Anything for Jackson. She trained in New York City at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and at the Toronto Metropolitan University School of Performance.

Shortly after beginning her career as an actress, she recognized that she had a distinct vision for the stories that she wanted to tell. Through her work she uses elements of genre filmmaking to mine the dark corners and emotional depths of women on-screen. 



LA Film Festival 2017

Winner: Danny Elfman Project Rabbit & Rogue


30th Foyle Film Festival

Light in Motion Awards

Garden State Film Festival 2018

Hamilton Film Festival 2018

and more


Pendance 2021


Hamilton Film Festival 2021

Toronto Youth Shorts 2022

San Francisco Indiefest 2021

and more

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